Cedar Waxwing - Jacobsburg State Park
POSTED: February 21, 2014


Nikon D5200, f/5.6, ISO-360, Nikkor 200-400mm lens w/ 1.4 Teleconverter, 400mm - January 26, 2014

During the winter season, Cedar Waxwings gather in flocks and are often seen feeding on berries from vines, bushes, and trees.  This causes these birds to be quite nomadic as they travel from food source to food source. 

On a hike through Jacobsburg State Park in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, I came across a flock of about ten Cedar Waxwings feeding on black berries off a vine.  I always enjoy coming across a flock of these birds as they are one of nature's most beautiful subjects.

After fighting branches and poor angles, I finally had a Cedar Waxwing perch in the open.  Taking a break from feeding, this bird enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun on a cold winter day.  It was nice for a change to watch these birds at eye level and not looking up a tree.

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